Finding the best call centre desks




We’ve long been fans of Senator’s stunning ranges of office furniture. Their Crossover range is a contemporary desking system that’s incredibly versatile, making it perfect for use in call centres or open plan offices.

Finding call centre desks that are well designed, attractive yet fit for purpose can be something of a challenge, however we think the Crossover range fits the bill perfectly.

In order to work well and be as user-friendly as possible (essential if staff are going to sit at them for long periods), call centre desks must be flexible in their design. Senator’s Crossover desks have a pair of horizontal beams, designed to provide strength and to be a continuous fixing method for all furniture elements. As the beam can be attached anywhere, Crossover offers the flexibility to position key elements (screens, accessories, legs etc) to suit the ergonomic and functional requirements of the user.

Crossover desks are ideal for using in a huge range of different applications: as a simple desk or as multi-linked workstations and can be arranged in a wide variety of layouts.

We’re able to offer supply well-designed, stylish furniture suitable for use in call centres, along with a complete space planning and design service and a full range of fit out and refurbishment services.

Posted January 28, 2013

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