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At Ultimate we recognise that this is a complex area of design and fit out work but thanks to our extensive previous experience designing spaces for use within the healthcare and cosmetic sectors. Healthcare fit outs present a different challenge from many other professional spaces, with an emphasis upon technical facilities and provision of specific healthcare materials, which need to be incorporated alongside other elements of function and design.

A collaborative Approach

As with all the projects we undertake, we have a collaborative approach. This is especially true for our work within this field, where specifics of patient care and well-being need to be taken into account into different aspects of the design and fit out process. We’re responsive to the needs of each of our clients, having worked with a range of different health care facilities across the NHS and private health. From full fit outs for clinics to the addition of a few choice pieces of furniture or design, we’ve got the know how and experience to be able to guide you through the process, listening carefully the exact needs of your medical fit out project and putting together a solution which is tailored to the brief.

Restful Design

As well as the vital medical provision which is the priority of any facility, the design and atmosphere of a healthcare space can be central to the well being of patients. Our skilful team of designers consider the overall feel of a space, putting together a blue print for positive and restful décor with an emphasis on the response of the patient to the space. With stunning design features form internationally recognised suppliers, we’re confident we can fit out facilities in a stunning design that’s practical too.

With names such as Tektura, who have a broad collection of stunning wall coverings, we’re able to add to the ambience and atmosphere in a setting, making it a calm and peaceful space. Their selection of options consists of naturally inspired wall coverings, with organic colours and large scenic forested landscapes, which contribute to an environment that’s conducive to rest and recovery.

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Practical Features health care spaces

Along with many aesthetic design factors, we can also offer a wide range of practical features. Working alongside some of the world’s leading suppliers, we’re able to bring you cutting edge acoustic solutions to your health care setting. With ceiling and wall fittings from the likes of Armstrong, you can control the ambient noise in a space, allowing for better concentration for those working in your facility, along with a better quality of rest for those receiving care. This acoustic emphasis is also something featured in many designs from the flooring and carpet providers we work with, and those who supply partitioning and glass.

At Ultimate, we’re also able to provide seating which is considered with comfort and ergonomics in mind. The many seating and furniture suppliers we work along side also create products which are easy to maintain, and like many of our flooring options, can be wiped clean rather than using traditional upholstery fabrics, or woven carpet. Equally, we also work along side designers and developers of more traditional carpet and fabrics, allowing you the option to decide on what’s best for your space and how it is used.

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For more information about the work we’ve undertaken for clients in the health care sector, please speak with one of our team. Or why not have a look at the case studies section of our website to get a feel for what we can do for your space from both a functional and design perspective?

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