How green is your office?




The term ‘green offices’ seems to be bandied around all the time these days but what exactly is a ‘green office’ and how can it be achieved?

Designing a green office means so much more than simply providing recycling bins!  To ensure that a workplace is as green as possible, every aspect of the office design needs to be thought through in terms of the energy it uses.

Choosing energy efficient office equipment is a great place to start.  Energy efficient office equipment brings a number of benefits and these benefits won’t be restricted to the green credentials of your office.  By opting for energy efficient equipment you’ll keep your costs down and reduce maintenance bills.

It pays to take time to understand the technology needs of your office and if your workplace seems to rely heavily on power hungry equipment, it could well be worth thinking about moving this equipment to an offsite data centre.  The power supplies to desks can be switched off when not in use and small simple changes such as the installation of energy efficient, long-lasting LED light bulbs are great ways to save energy and money.

Ingenious new products are available all the time: for example one of the latest products to be used in office design is a ceiling pad which retains heat during the day and then returning the heat back into the room at night to maintain an ambient temperature of 21 degrees and reducing the need for costly heating and air conditioning systems.  Or how about the floor tiles designed to power ceiling lights through the power of human footsteps?  We covered these in one of our previous blogs and think they could definitely catch on…

Posted September 16, 2014

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