Humanscale’s guide to getting the most out of ergonomic office furniture




Here at Ultimate Office Solutions we’ve long been fans of well-designed, ergonomic office furniture and are very impressed by the benefits that ergonomic office chairs, desks and office equipment are known to bring.

One of our suppliers, Humanscale, are leading manufacturers of superb quality, incredibly well designed ergonomic office furniture and we’ve recently read a great guide on their website which is designed to offer advice on getting the most out of ergonomic office furniture.

It’s important to know how to use ergonomic equipment correctly

According to Humanscale, having the right ergonomic kit is all very well but to get the best out of it, it’s important to know how to use ergonomic equipment correctly.

How you sit at your desk is vital and ergonomic task chairs are designed to be adjusted so that the user is sitting in the best possible position. A number of elements are crucial to achieve the best posture and it’s important that the height of the chair, the depth of the seat, the height of the backrest and the recline tension are all adjusted appropriately.

Correct keyboard positioning is an often overlooked aspect of a desk layout. Humanscale recommend the use of a keyboard support and angling the keyboard slightly so that it slopes away from your body. A palm support is also helpful and your mouse should be close to your keyboard so that you’re not continuously reaching out for it. Monitors should be at least an arm’s length away from your face and any work materials you use frequently need to be positioned within easy reach.

Humanscale’s guide is certainly food for thought – we’ve read it with great interest and will be taking a fresh look at how we sit and work at our desks! To read Humanscale’s guide, please visit their website.

Posted December 11, 2013

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