Inside BAUX Acoustic Felt

BAUX’s new launch connects raw material suppliers and their surplus with fresh production possibilities. Diverting resources from incineration, their Acoustic Felt range consists of 100% traceable textile offcuts from Swedish factory floors.

Conscious to avoid excess production of their own, BAUX press the textiles into a single acoustic felt sheet, available in nine versatile sizes. Similarly, a minimal number of hardware pieces are required, and each screen is equipped with a series of uniform grooves for seamless connection, fast assembly and multiple configurations.



Each batch of polyester threads is dyed locally and safely, resulting in a colour scheme with natural, variegated identities. This perfectly reflects the range’s diverse origins and suits a multitude of interiors.

Simple, smart, fun and circular. BAUX Acoustic Felt is a versatile system with endless interior possibilities. To find out more, contact us here.