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Matthew Ultimate Meet the Team

In today’s Meet the Team series we chat to Matthew our Estimator/Quantity Surveyor here at Ultimate. Read on to find out what invention would make his life easier and which local football team he spends his weekends watching…

1. Let’s start from the beginning. In brief, describe the role of your job at Ultimate and what you do?

I’m an Estimator/Quantity Surveyor. Once a project has been identified it is my job to review the works, price the entire job and liaise with the client regarding advising of possible value engineering solutions to the works. I make sure we help the client get a project that exceeds their expectation but remains within their budget.  I also help pull together our quality submission on competitive tenders and review any contractual documents ahead of signing.

2. All things considered, what type of work is most likely to spark the fire in your brain? What is your dream project?

I enjoy working on the large scale competitive tenders, firstly reviewing the design information thoroughly then moving onto a site visit, accurately pricing the scheme and submitting the tender on time followed by hopefully winning the project.

3. What incredible new invention would make your job easier and turbo charge your productivity?

A programme that automatically formats your document so that it is perfect, formatting documents is the bane of my life.

Every day’s a school day, there isn’t a day that goes by where you don’t learn something new working in this industry.

4. When all the hard work is over, what is the most satisfying aspect of your job at Ultimate?

The most satisfying aspect of my job is hearing that we have been successful with a tender submission after spending weeks pulling together information and fully pricing a scheme it is satisfying to see the scheme then being passed onto the next stage to deliver on time, to budget and to the clients brief.

5. If you could send out just one message that sums up your industry, what would you say?

Every day’s a school day, there is not a day that goes by where you do not learn something new working in this industry.

6. If you could teach one lesson to your younger self about your area of work, what would it be?

When work gets difficult take a step back, relax and speak to your colleagues about how best to go forward.

7. When a project presents you with a difficult challenge, what is your ‘go-to’ tactic for tackling it?

Speak to my colleagues, a different way of thinking and a fresh pair of eyes help find a solution a lot quicker than overthinking the problem on your own.

8. Finally, at the end of a long working week, what does your perfect weekend involve?

Football, whether its playing it on a Saturday for Wilsden or following Bradford City to some far-flung outpost of League One. Either way it will always be followed by “Analysing” how bad we have performed for hours after in the pub!

Posted February 28, 2017

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