Meet the Team: Vici Raw, Finance Director



meet Ultimate employee Vici

In this week’s Meet the Team we chat to Vici Raw, Finance Director here at Ultimate.

  1. Let’s start from the beginning. In brief, describe the role of your job at Ultimate and what you do?
    Working alongside the directors aiding with the financial, tactical and strategic decisions of the company, and bringing together/delivering the company vision
    Preparation, review and management of the financial reports and budgets.
    Overseeing the day to day finance operations of the company and ensuring the cashflow is always positive!!
    Aiding other departments and individuals in identifying areas of weakness and finding solutions to improve efficiency.
    Preparing key reports for departments/individuals
    Offering HR guidance where needed
  2. All things considered, what type of work is most likely to spark the fire in your brain? What is your dream project?
    I LOVE problem solving and to be challenged so enjoy getting stuck into large complex projects that require a large degree of analysis and reporting.
  3. What incredible new invention would make your job easier and turbo charge your productivity?
    A time capsule that would allow me to be in 2 places at once, as a working mum there are times when mixing work and family life is very challenging this would solve all my problems and allow me to be super productive

    Delegation is key

  4. When all the hard work is over, what is the most satisfying aspect of your job at Ultimate?
    Seeing the end result and a happy client which of course results in profit, prompt payments and a positive cashflow!
  5. If you could send out just one message that sums up your industry, what would you say?
    I find the industry very innovative and exciting
  6. If you could teach one lesson to your younger self about your area of work, what would it be?
    Delegation is key
  7. When a project presents you with a difficult challenge, what is your ‘go-to’ tactic for tackling it?
    Taking the time to understand that challenge, look at what the result needs to be and to recognise the circumstances and the impact of said challenge on the business/stakeholders
  8. Finally, at the end of a long working week, what does your perfect weekend involve?
    After spending time with my family, I love socialising with friends, challenging walks, running, going to the gym, cooking and not to forget consuming cocktails…I think I need longer weekends!

Posted July 23, 2018

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