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Josh Little - Apprentice Furniture Installer

Today we are going back behind the scenes at Ultimate for the next instalment in our ‘Meet the Team’ series. This week it’s the turn of Josh Little, our Apprentice Furniture Installer.

1. Let’s start from the beginning. In brief, describe your role at Ultimate and what you do?

My role at Ultimate is furniture installation. My job role involves travelling to different offices and fitting new furniture.

2. What attracted you to Ultimate? Why did you apply for an apprenticeship with them?

The first thing that attracted me to Ultimate was the projects that they have worked on in the past, they looked really interesting. I like to be hands on with my work and the apprentice furniture fitter job sounded perfect for me.

3. What type of work is most likely to spark the fire in your brain? What is your dream project?

The work that is most likely to spark the fire in my brain is when I’m being hands on with all the desks and furniture. My dream project is something that would stand out as different to all the others with good quality products which have a great finish to them.

4. How would you describe the culture of Ultimate to an outsider?

The culture at Ultimate is very relaxed but also hard working in that everyone gets on with their individual jobs which ensures the company works well together.


5. What incredible new invention would make your job easier and turbo charge your productivity?

A transporter to get us to places quicker would certainly be useful!

6. When all the hard work is over, what is the most satisfying aspect of your job at Ultimate?

The best thing after you’ve finished a project is walking back into the space and seeing how great it looks compared to what it looked like when you first walked in before starting the work.

The best thing after you’ve finished a project – walking back into the space and seeing how great it looks!

7. When you are presented with a difficult challenge, what’s your ‘go-to’ tactic for tackling it?

Just get on with it and work hard.

8. Finally, at the end of a long working week, what does your perfect weekend involve?

After finishing my week at work my perfect weekend involves a trip to the pub with my friends.

Posted October 27, 2015

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