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Steve Cowley - Associate Director

Today we are going back behind the scenes to meet Steve Cowley our Associate Director here at Ultimate.

1. Let’s start from the beginning. In brief, describe the role of your job at Ultimate and what you do?

My role at Ultimate is to secure new projects and furniture business, whilst maximising the company profile and exposure within all market sectors. Developing new and existing relationships within key accounts and suppliers.

2. All things considered, what type of work is most likely to spark the fire in your brain? What is your dream project?

My dream project that is likely to spark the fire in my brain certainly has a design focus. I really enjoy working closely with the design team, specialists and client throughout the process to produce a scheme filled with unique bespoke solutions that delivers that wow factor.

3. What attracted you to join the Ultimate team?

I was aware of the excellent reputation of Ultimate in the market place, and their strong ties and respect from major manufacturers and suppliers. During my initial discussions with the Directors there was a clear strategy and enthusiasm for the future of the organisation that was really exciting, of which I wanted to be part of.

4. How would you describe the culture of Ultimate to an outsider?

Friendly and hard working with a collective dedication to ensure the job gets done when promised.


5. If you could send out just one message that sums up your industry, what would you say?

Constantly developing, full of interesting challenges and very exciting.

 6. If you could teach one lesson to your younger self about your area of work, what would it be?

You don’t know everything so listen and learn from the experienced people around you and don’t be afraid of asking questions.

7. When a project presents you with a difficult challenge, what is your ‘go-to’ tactic for tackling it?

Contracting can bring many complexed and difficult challenges. My ‘go –to’ tactic is not to shy away from the challenge, but instead discuss openly with the team at Ultimate. It is more than likely someone else will have had a similar experience and will be able to give a suitable suggestion or view point.

 8. Finally, at the end of a long working week, what does your perfect weekend involve?

Days out in the fresh air with the family or perhaps even a round or two of golf (when allowed) helps to clear my thoughts and get me all set for the working week ahead.

Posted November 10, 2015

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