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NHS recliner chairs from Ultimate

Ultimate are a leading medical interior design firm, with wide ranging expertise in all aspects of medical fitouts, from the supply of specialist furniture such as NHS recliner chairs, through to the creation of bespoke reception desks and storage solutions.

We work with healthcare providers of all sizes, including private clinics, dental practices and the cosmetic sector, through to NHS sites and hospitals. As such we understand that modern technology, evolving demographics and advances in medical treatments are leading to almost continuous change in this sector. With this in mind, we can provide you with design solutions and furniture designed to meet your current and future requirements.

Our healthcare fit out services

We believe that it is important to bring a collaborative approach to all fit out projects, regardless of the size or scale. This is especially important when it comes to medical fit out or refurbishment work, where the well-being of patients is of paramount importance. As a result of our work with both NHS and private medical providers, we’ve developed our healthcare fit out services to ensure work is completed on time, on budget and with the minimum of fuss and disruption.

Whether you are about to embark upon an extensive refurbishment project, or are simply considering investing in new furniture such as NHS recliner chairs, we have the expertise to help you create an interior designed to match your requirements and budget.

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Medical interior design

The design of a medical facility should not only provide essential medical provision, it must also create an atmosphere to encourage the well being of patients. We have a team of experienced, skilful designers who use their expertise to put together a design which is restful, created to develop a positive response in patients.

Design is just one aspect of creating a medical interior and it is also important that we take practicality into account too. We work with a wide range of internationally renowned suppliers, enabling us to create visually stunning medical interiors, designed to be user-friendly, future proof and practical. From easy to clean NHS recliner chairs, through to branded partitioning and bespoke reception furniture, we can provide the options you need to create a medical interior designed to meet the demands of your clinic or hospital.

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For more information about the work we’ve undertaken for clients in the health care sector, please speak with one of our team. Or why not have a look at the case studies section of our website to get a feel for what we can do for your space from both a functional and design perspective?

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