Now the writing really could be on the wall!




We love two clever new products from Tektura Wallcoverings.

Clear Erase is ingenious: designed to to make any smooth, low porosity surface dry erasable, Clear Erase is easily painted onto walls to give a transparent surface that’s perfect for writing on! A great idea for using offices and schools, painting Clear Erase onto part of a wall (or the boardroom table?) gives a surface that can be used exactly like a white board; making planning, brainstorming, calculating, communicating ideas – pretty much anything you can think of – easy! Clear Erase works brilliantly on windows, concrete, table tops, painted surfaces and wood.

Walltalkers is a flexible wall-covering from Tektura. This is a write on/wipe off surface on a roll which would be brilliant for using in schools and offices. The beauty of Walltalkers is that it can be installed floor to ceiling or across a room horizontally, around curved walls, corners or folding doors. The Walltalkers range comes with different trims and special pens and magnets, and as it can also be used to project images on, could be the ultimate flexible surface.

Posted January 21, 2013

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