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At Ultimate we supply a varied and comprehensive range of office furniture. Whether you need loose furniture including seating and desks, or inventive storage and partitioning solutions then we have the products and the know how to make sure your office space is well kitted out.

As well as the furnishings of your office, we take a wide perspective look at workplaces and how they function. This is all taken into consideration during our design process: we look at a variety of factors to create an office where your team feel they can perform at their best. From a smaller start up office to a multinational headquarters, every working environment is more effective when the work space manages to combine functionality, comfort and pleasing design. Workforce morale will always struggle if the working environment is dingy with ageing office furniture. Any workplace that needs to be revived can look to the top quality services we pride ourselves on providing, from the start of the job to the completion – on time and on budget.

Unique office furniture design in Altrincham

We’re one of the most experienced teams of interior designers in the North and have also the expertise to be able to effectively transform your office space into something which really delivers and works for you. Our team will make sure your office is ideal for both your staff and your company image.

Workstations and desks are a fundamental part of the working day and so making improvements to the look and function of these can pay dividends. Whether for individual work use, hot desking, conferences, team discussions or brainstorms, we’ve got some great options for desks, work stations and tables for offices and work places. We offer a wide selection of options manufactured by recognised and established suppliers from both in the UK and across Europe. We carefully choose the brands we carry so we can be sure that the goods we supply will perform as you expect and will look great in your new office setting. We work with brands who are international leaders in their areas of focus, meaning we can provide furniture with the latest in comfort and ergonomic considerations.

Office Furniture in Altrincham
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From the initial analysis, through the design, planning and finally implementing the work, our expertise can make a telling difference and we’ll make the whole process as easy for you as possible, allowing you to make as many contributions as you’d like. We take lots of factors into consideration, from colour to lighting, the fabrics used, the comfort and use of space along with a host of other practical considerations that are required in modern technological office spaces. A number of the brands we work with also lead the way in acoustical installations for office spaces, whether for ceilings, flooring or partitioning solutions. Our designs are carefully thought out with future growth in mind allowing you capacity to continue to add new technological solutions and team members within the structure of the design created.

Solutions which are tailored to your business

The skilled versatile team at Ultimate have developed office spaces for a wide range of different types of business, in terms of both size and sector. We have a client base which spans the corporate, education and hospitality sectors as well as restaurants and retail units. We survey and plan how best to use your space, looking closely at how your team members use it and how the relay of natural information in your office works; aiming to make communication as efficient as possible. We’re also able to create bespoke office furnishings and layouts, as we recognise that in many cases an off the shelf, one size fits all solution isn’t viable.

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Our customers in Altrincham can use our office furniture design service to revitalise their professional premises and transform their spaces into ones which really deliver for them. No matter the size of the project in question, from furniture additions to a complete re-fit, we can provide the right workplace solution, delivered with our impressive service.

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