Phoenix High School Design in West London



We’ve had a close look at the design of Pheonix High School’s colourful new sixth-form centre. We love the design of this new west London building; staff and students were consulted as part of the design process and the result is both colourful and dynamic – a brilliant combination as we’re sure you’ll agree. The idea behind the design brief of the project was simple: to encourage as many students as possible to stay on at school after completing their GCSEs. The sixth-form centre is now a fantastic space that anyone would want to spend time in. The finished design incorporates the use of high-spec furniture that we’re more used to seeing in the offices of top company execs; however the professional atmosphere that the furniture creates will surely encourage the students to aspire to new heights! We think designs like this are definitely the shape of things to come for schools and colleges.

Posted October 16, 2011

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