Post-Christmas office blues? Your desk could be the problem…



Getting back into the swing of things at work is notoriously difficult after the Christmas break. After a week or so chilling out at home, focusing on work and sitting at a desk can seem almost impossible.

However, there could be a reason (or four reasons, to be precise!) why you’re finding it hard to tackle that paperwork mountain: your desk! Strange as this may sound the things that you have on and around your desk can have a huge impact on your level of productivity.

Desk toys are the first culprit. All those little desk toys – mini basketball hoops, puzzles etc can prove to be a real distraction so if you’re serious about getting the job done, make sure your desk toys are out of sight and only get them out again once you’ve cleared your desk!

A pile of paperwork is the second problem. There is nothing more depressing than sitting looking at all the work you’ve got to get through so the best way to tackle this is to compile a list (either on paper or on one of the many apps available) and tackle each job, one at a time. As we’ve probably mentioned before, having adequate office storage is crucial for avoiding unnecessary desk clutter and un-filed paperwork…

Looking at the clock is problem number three. Clock-watching makes the time go really slowly or, if you’ve got to much work to do, only adds to the pressure. Put the office clock in a drawer and if you need to remember to go to a meeting or an appointment, set the alarm on your mobile phone instead!

The fourth reason you may be struggling is, ironically, constant sitting. Studies have shown that your energy levels will be higher if you take lots of short breaks; getting up and walking around throughout the day will help your productivity in the long run!

Posted January 14, 2013

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