Red Bull’s new Amsterdam office



It’s no great surprise to discover that Red Bull, the Austrian company behind one of the world’s best known energy drinks, favours image conscious, full-on designs for it’s office interiors.

Red Bull Amsterdam has recently made the move from a converted mansion on the outskirts of the city and architects were invited to submit proposals for spacious new offices that would better suit the company’s image. Montreal-based architects Sid Lee Architecture submitted a design that fitted the bill, resulting in the renovation of a former shipbuilding factory in the Noord district of Amsterdam. In a previous life Noord was a bustling working dock but is now home to several media companies including MTV.

The building chosen by Sid Lee for Red Bull was never designed to house offices but the architects were able to visualise its potential. Apart from anything the building is huge and benefits from plenty of natural light thanks to its three parallel glazed roof gables. The building also proved perfect for creating a layout of cellular offices around the outside of the space whilst leaving the central area free for lots of open-plan work and breakout spaces.

When planning the space the architects used the building’s roof gables to create three defined areas: one to house social areas whilst the others are home to more conventional offices.

Furniture has been very carefully chosen to reflect the building’s interior; the designers have used simple, modern designs to allow the stunning architecture to speak for itself. However there are some startling touches including a real aeroplane wing sticking out from a wall, designed to be used as a desk!

Posted May 8, 2012

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