Roca London Gallery



We love the design of Roca bathroom’s new London ‘gallery’. Designed by Zaha Hadid Architects the stunning gallery design has been created to reflect water, an element that is, of course, hugely important to Roca’s products. This project has taken almost three years to complete but it looks as though it’s definitely been worth the wait for Roca; based at Chelsea Harbour this project is only the third completed project in the UK by Zaha Hadid. Roca are famous for taking all aspects of design very seriously and not just the design of bathroom products.

 The interior that has been created is like nothing we’ve seen before

Roca hold an annual competition, Jump the Gap, which has been created to attract up and coming young architects and designers interested in creating radical bathrooms and bathroom products. Zaha Hadid has a reputation for creating bold, unusual interiors and the architect has stayed true to form on the Roca project. The interior that has been created is like nothing we’ve seen before; it looks incredibly futuristic yet natural. Curving walls, flowing, rippling benches – everything has been created with water in mind. Although the ‘gallery’ is one single space, several semi-enclosed areas have been successfully incorporated which manage to make the space feel bigger rather than smaller which is remarkable. Containing hardly any ‘off the peg’ furniture, the ‘gallery’ has been furnished to great effect with a few very carefully chosen pieces. Roca have been keen to stress that this new space is far more than just a bathroom showroom. Roca are hoping to attract students interested in design and to use the space to host exhibitions, meetings, presentations and to be ‘a celebration of design.’

Posted January 22, 2012

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