Skype’s New Offices



Earlier this years, Skype, the voice over IP service, moved their head office in Stockholm to larger premises in the city. The new offices are in a former brewery; we’ve just had a look at the design of the new offices and are very impressed with the end result. Skype’s logo is a cloud shaped design and the office furniture used in the new interior has been chosen to reflect this through the use of bright colours and soft ‘cloud-like’ shapes. An interesting aspect of the design is the attention to detail that has been paid to the accoustics of the office interiors; this is something that’s very important to staff who develop audio and video elements of Skype’s platforms. All in all Skype’s new offices look pretty extraordinary with their bright colours, patterned carpets and triangular tables but we like it; it’ll be interesting to see if the design stands the test of time….

Posted December 5, 2011

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