Sleeping on the job may not be as bad as it sounds…



If you’re anything like us, there will have been times when you could do with a quick nap at work – not a long siesta – just five minutes to recharge your batteries after lunch! Sleeping on the job has always been a big no-no but thanks to the latest sleeping pods, taking a nap at work might not seem like such a bad idea after all!

Sleep pod or ‘capsule’ hotels have been around for a long time and the first one opened in Osaka in Japan in 1979. Since then the idea has spread and sleeping pods are becoming a popular feature of airports, offices, hostels and budget hotels.

Taking a nap at work is an excellent way to boost productivity and creativity

Whilst sleep pods aren’t yet a common sight in offices, there is a school of thought that taking a nap at work is an excellent way to boost productivity and creativity. According to research, a nap during the day (as long as the nap is for less than half an hour), enhances performance, learning ability and will also promote wakefulness.

The modern science of napping was founded back in the 1980s and since then scientists have observed that short episodes of sleep bring a range of benefits; including improved alertness, motor skills, mood and decision making. In addition, daytime naps are also known to reduce stress and even heart disease.

So whilst most offices and business buildings provide staff with break out areas, rest rooms, canteens and even games rooms, maybe more office designs should include a few sleep pods? Concerned about staff exhaustion and quick to see the benefits of a day time nap, Arianna Huffington, founder of the Huffington Post, installed sleep pods in her New York offices: “The current model of success, in which we drive ourselves into the ground, and in which working to the point of exhaustion and burnout is a badge of honour…our workplaces are fuelled by sleep deprivation.”

Commenting on her newly-installed sleep pods, Arianna Huffington added: “At first, people were nervous to use them, but now they’re booked solidly.”

It’s interesting to predict that in the future taking a nap at work will replace an afternoon tea break! Watch this space and we’ll let you know if we’re asked to incorporate sleep pods into the design of any office layouts…

Posted December 3, 2013

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