Small medical clinic design ideas

Struggling to find design ideas for your small medical clinic?

Here at Ultimate we work with medical clinics and healthcare providers of all sizes, from NHS and private hospitals, through to dental clinics and GP’s surgeries. Regardless of the size of your project, we will work closely with you to provide you with an effective design solution, created to meet your current requirements and in-line with your future plans.

We understand the complexities of medical clinic design and our team has the expertise to meet the challenges of even the smallest of spaces. We know that your focus is upon providing the highest standards of healthcare and our approach is centred upon providing our clients with high-performance designs created to enable you to do do what you do best.

From acoustics and lighting design, through to furniture designed to aid infection control, our medical clinic design service provides the expertise you need to ensure your clinic not only looks visually stunning but is practical and cost-effective too.

Our approach to the design of small medical clinics

We bring the same approach to every project, no matter how small it is. Although small clinics can seem difficult to design, our experienced team will work hard to ensure yours makes maximum use of the space you have, whilst providing adequate room for storage and equipment.

Here at Ultimate we understand just how important the design of a healthcare establishment is. Whether yours is a dentist surgery or doctor’s clinic, we provide sympathetic, appropriate designs, created to help improve the well being of your patients whilst ensuring your staff can do their jobs with care and efficiency.

Medical interiors call for unique furnishings, fixtures and fittings. Alongside medical grade flooding and wall coverings, we can also provide you with furniture such as NHS chairs along with storage for medical records and equipment. We work with some of the world’s leading furniture brands including Cassala, Knoll, Spacestor, Sedus and more, offering our clients a wide choice of high quality products.

Small medical clinic design ideas
medical clinic design
design for small medical clinics

If an off-the-peg approach isn’t appropriate, our bespoke design service offers the ideal solution. Our team has the expertise to design and create any bespoke items you might need, such as reception desks and seating, waiting room furniture, partitioning, lighting and more.

Understanding your needs and the needs of your patients

We know that you want to keep downtime and disruption to an absolute minimum. Our design process has been designed with exactly this in mind, providing you with organised, straightforward and effective services. Our design team will present you with a range of ideas whilst working closely with you to ensure the finished project meets your budget and design brief.

Medical clinic design services from Ultimate

If you are struggling to find inspirational design ideas for your small medical clinic, why not get in touch with us to arrange an appointment with one of our design team? We have many years of experience in working with the healthcare sector and regardless of your budget and requirements, we’d be delighted to help. Please contact Ultimate to find out more.

Call us now on 01535 651 818 to book an appointment with one of our specialist consultants.

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