Statoil’s ‘stack’ office building




If this isn’t the best office building in the world it would certainly win the award for being the most unusual! This is the new office building for the Norwegian gas and oil company Statoil – built near Oslo, the building achieved critical acclaim even before it was completed last year. In 2009 the Statoil building was named the ‘Future Project of the Year’ at the World Architecture Festival and was last year’s winner of the ‘Best Commercial Building award at the World Architecture News Awards.

Each tube offers a completely different view and orientation

So what’s so special about the Statoil office building? Rather than creating a single building, the building’s designers, Norwegian architects A-lab, came up with the idea of creating a building from five tubes clad in aluminium which would then be arranged on top of each other in a ‘pile.’

The arrangement offers several advantages: the first is that each tube offers a completely different view and orientation and the second is that the spaces between the tubes have created a central atrium which is covered by a stunning glass roof. The idea for the central atrium was planned in line with current management ideas; giving workers the chance to meet in a central point as they travel around the building, offering the opportunity to exchange ideas and cultivate innovation on the way.

The design of this building is without a doubt one of the most interesting we’ve seen for some time. Although there aren’t any photos of the interior offices we can only speculate on what they’ll be like but it’s unlikely that they’ll be rows of dull office cubicles!

Posted October 22, 2013

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