Steelcase: From Ocean to Office

Twelve million tonnes of plastic are discarded into our oceans annually with much of that waste taking decades, or even centuries, to biodegrade. Honoured as one of the most sustainably managed companies in the world, Steelcase’s latest co-created innovation turns marine litter into durable fabric for the workplace.

Intersection celebrates a collaboration with contract textiles leader, Duvaltex, in partnership with SEAQUAL Initiative, who work tirelessly to combat marine waste. Woven into their exclusive screen and panel fabric is SEAQUAL’s yarn, consisting of post-consumer plastic collected during their clean-up programs.

And the impact is staggering – for every yard of Intersection, half a pound of problematic plastic is removed from the ocean.



Screens within the modern office fill an architectural and aesthetics role whilst offering visual or acoustic barriers where needed. Intersection is designed with a small crisscross pattern woven alongside a subtle pucker, providing a unique three-dimensional look. The range boasts 17 fresh and contemporary colourways and can be applied to a number of their screens and panels, including Steelcase Flex.

“When Duvaltex came to us, they had this incredibly beautiful fabric that not only met all of our technical needs as it relates to application and screen design, but also had this incredibly important environmental story,” says Kari Miller, Product Manager for Global Surface Materials at Steelcase.

From ocean to office, Intersection contributes to the collective effort to clean our oceans and reduce plastic pollution worldwide. Currently only available in North America, keep an eye on our social media channels for when the UK release is announced!