Steelcase and Microsoft Collaborate to Launch Creative Spaces



Maker Commons

Office furniture manufacturer Steelcase is one of the brands we work with here at Ultimate.  Steelcase have begun a collaboration with Microsoft (currently only in the US) to launch Creative Spaces. Both experts in their own respective fields, this is an exciting partnership with some really interesting ideas.

Creative Spaces combines furniture and surroundings with technology to create an office environment which allows and encourages creativity and collaboration. The five Creative Spaces designs each integrate Steelcase furniture with Microsoft Surface tablets, along with Windows 10 and Office 365 software.

“With Steelcase we have the compelling opportunity to blend place and technology into a seamless environment”

Starting with the Focus Studio, this design considers the needs of employees who sometimes work independently but need to easily switch to working in pairs. Built with privacy in mind, the studio is designed to avoid both visual and audio distractions. The studio features AirTouch height adjustable work surfaces by Steelcase, allowing the user to work either standing up or sat down, as well as the Gesture chair which is designed to help posture with the use of devices in mind.


Focus Studio


Sometimes work can be more productive when ideas are developed with co-workers. The Duo Studio allows just that, enabling employees to work in pairs or individually and display work to others using Surface Hub. Like the Focus Studio, the Duo Studio has been designed with privacy in mind incorporating the use of Steelcase V.I.A. walls.


Duo Studio


The Ideation Hub is designed through highlighting the significance of participation, great for both sharing and developing ideas.


Ideation Hub


Next is the Respite Room, which is a private and minimal environment featuring comfortable seating and lighting levels which can be controlled. This allows employees to focus without any distractions.


Respite Room


Finally – Maker Commons. This large environment combines conversation, experimentation, and concentration, allowing employees to share and trial new ideas in a relaxing environment with the use of various Microsoft Surface devices.


Maker Commons


Through collaborating, Microsoft and Steelcase clearly see the need for creativity in the office environment. Ryan Gavin, the General Manager at Microsoft Surface Marketing commented, “With Steelcase we have the compelling opportunity to blend place and technology into a seamless environment that allows our most important asset, our people, to unlock their creativity and share that with others. The future of work is creative.”

To find out how Ultimate can help you build a creative workspace, perfect for your employees to work in both collaboratively and individually, then get in touch.


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Posted March 14, 2017

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