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Microsoft Surface Hub 2 on the Steelcase Roam easel

Steelcase office furniture logo

Recently this year, Steelcase launched the new product range ‘Roam’. Roam is a system of mobile stands and wall mounts co developed with Microsoft for the Surface Hub 2. The Surface Hub 2 is an all in one digital whiteboard, meetings platform and a collaborative computing device which delivers Windows 10 teamwork within the office. With the use of Steelcase Roam flexibility, you can transform any space within the workplace into a meeting, collaborative teamwork environment! Roam products move effortlessly on smooth, rolling castors for easy movement throughout the workplace.


office workers sat around the Microsoft Surface Hub 2

Created with a minimalistic easel like design, Roam integrates seamlessly and stylishly into any workspace. As the product is designed to complement the Surface Hub 2, the easel design includes a storage tray and cord management created to hold an optional APC charge battery for use. This can make small spaces more adaptable to create huddle spaces and conference rooms with a single movement of Roam. Roam’s flexibility enables collaboration and ideas to flow at any moment.

Surface Hub 2 mounted on office wall

The wall mounting system is perfect for use within private offices or smaller spaces. There is a strong connection between physical movement and improved creativity and the Roam encourages more standing and active postures – enabling teams to move, stand, gesture and become more physically and mentally engaged in their collaborative work. Team members can move around the office within different departments more easily. In today’s collaboration, most meetings and such are scheduled from calendars and within associated spaces within the workspace. Roam allows you to have the freedom to take ideas with you, relocate to any space and huddle wherever you want to! Please click here to view more about Steelcase Roam products.

product chot of the microsoft surface hub 2




Posted August 20, 2019

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