Stylish office accessories from Rexite



There are desk accessories and then there are Rexite desk accessories and if your desk is looking a little cluttered, we think Rexite’s stylish range is pretty hard to beat, both in terms of good looks and practical design.

Take Rexite’s Hannibal sellotape dispenser: now you might think that all sellotape dispensers are just the same but the unusual design of Hannibal – it looks like an elephant’s head with the tape dispensed from the end of the trunk – is perfect for livening up the office.

If you’re struggling to keep paperclips (why do they always seem to clip themselves together when you’re not looking?), drawing pins etc tidy and in one place, Rexite have the answer with their Multiplor storage canister. This handy object looks like a steel cylinder but it opens out into different layers, each ideal for storing small items.

Rexite even make a stylish tea trolley if such a thing were possible! The Tender trolley is made from a stainless steel frame with removable trays made from engineering polymer. Available in range of stylish colours, Rexite’s Tender trolley might just encourage us to start having an official mid-morning office tea break…

Posted February 24, 2014

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