The Hive

Nestled in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, Ultimate have created a unique workplace experience. This 16,000 sq ft facility has been specifically designed to offer insights, inspiration and ideas for those looking to create their own modern and vibrant workspace. The tours that we offer at The Hive focus on space utilization and offer the opportunity for clients to experience the many different work settings that go into making up a place where people can thrive. Everything at The Hive has been created to demonstrate our execution in workplace design and delivery, including all the fixtures, fittings and products from over 100 industry leading manufacturer brands.

The Hive is not only a resource for those developing a project or wanting to experience the products in the flesh it has also been specifically designed as a resource for members of the A&D Community to leverage to their benefit. With resources available such as our dedicated Materials Lab, which includes all the latest finishes from the many manufacturers we represent, to the interactive digital displays where we can host specification sessions and define every detail of the products our designers choose to specify. It is also worth mentioning that we are constantly evolving the scenes and products on show which can often be the first time designers get to experience products alongside all the ideas we showcase for fit-out.

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We are very fortunate to have this incredible facility set in stunning Yorkshire Countryside, and we pride ourselves in hosting anyone who visits in the friendly and humble manner that you would expect from any Yorkshire based company. We are happy to provide a wonderful spread for those who visit and this is why so many of our suppliers, clients and other affiliates choose to use The Hive as an inspiring backdrop and exciting venue for their own meetings.

Our concept for The Hive is not to be a product showroom but to focus on offering the opportunity to experience a compendium of exciting and empowering work settings. This includes over ten different collaboration settings, five innovative focus areas, communal break out zones, areas to restore and replenish, seven presentation and learning zones, flexible lounge areas, a feature working bar area and many of the latest innovative products. Featuring phone booths, work pods, products including the latest power abilities, a whole host of acoustic solutions and many more innovations all geared around the creation of a dynamic and agile workspace where people can perform at their best.

For those who are wishing to learn more about the space before committing to a tour, we have some incredible tools to facilitate this. Our digital walk through experience allows anyone wishing to visit the space to assess the potential value of a tour from afar and is also a great reference tool for those who have visited and would like to remind themselves of the settings and products that they have experienced, they can also share their experience with colleagues who may not have been able to attend.

Click here to view our Interactive Tour of The Hive.

Whilst we are lucky enough to work in this wonderful and inspiring facility it was built for everybody else’s benefit. If you think that the development of your next project would benefit from a tour then we would be delighted to book one in, we would be happy to either undertake an educational tour or just allow you to free roam around the space.

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