The importance of art in the office




A new report from International Art Consultants and British Council for Offices says that art in the workplace plays a very important role in making staff feel at home and visitors feel welcome.

The Making Art Work in the Workplace report was compiled after a survey was carried amongst British Council for Offices members and design industry professionals. The report concluded that the main reason art is used in offices is for decoration, communicating corporate values and as form of financial investment. However the recent economic downturn has forced many companies to cut art budgets or to scrap them altogether and less than half of the companies who responded to the survey said they didn’t have an art budget at all.

Art has long been known to stimulate creativity and boost productivity

However the survey did show that many companies do understand the value of art in the workplace and are trying to incorporate art in different ways. Art has long been known to stimulate creativity and boost productivity so some companies are choosing to work with up and coming artists to save money and this can prove to be a prudent investment in the long run.

Also highlighted in the report is the changing nature of offices, resulting in traditional art forms being less effective. The trend towards open-plan offices and the inclusion of breakout areas and flexible working spaces has created new opportunities and challenges for incorporating art in the workplace. Traditional art forms such as prints, paintings and sculpture are still the most popular but the popularity of new art forms such as digital art and wall murals looks set to rise.

Posted December 11, 2012

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