The wackiest office?



Now this really could be the wackiest office we’ve seen for a long time! Red Bull’s new offices in London, designed by Jump-Studios, are absolutely amazing.

The designers seem to have got that tricky balancing act between fun and good looks just right which is no easy task. On the face of it the office interior looks very sleek, visually stunning and very, very sophisticated. However, if you look closely you’ll see that there are some very surprising, fun elements to the design: ping-pong table meeting rooms and our favourite – a huge, undulating slide designed to transport staff between meetings! The attention to detail is phenomenal and glass, brushed steel and pristine white surfaces have been used to great effect to create and office interior space which is modern, stylish, functional but fun! We also like the floating staircases and the stunning, sleek lounge area. These offices are definitely not a case of style over substance; they’ve obviously been very well thought out and have been created with the needs of the users at the heart of the design. Impressive to say the least.

Posted February 15, 2012

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