UKAR Office – Bingley




Armed with grand plans and vast experience, we recently transformed an empty shell of a warehouse into a fully equipped office for 100 of UKAR Dempster‘s finest, in Bingley.

We’re always determined to exceed our clients’ ambitions but this fit-out was transformative even by our standards. It was a short drive from our Yorkshire head office to undertake the complete turn-key refurbishment of UKAR Dempster’s premises. Starting with new ceilings and insulation, we built partition walls to create the entire office from scratch – everything from managerial offices and meeting rooms, to staff bathrooms and vending areas.

With the new M&E infrastructure, for power and data, well underway, we installed new fire alarms and CCTV to secure the office. Only later, could we turn our attention to the furniture. Remember, we needed to supply enough for a triple figure workforce!

UKAR opted for bench desks, capable of accommodating double computer screens. We fitted monitor arms to the majority of these, and partitioned them all with dark green glass for staff privacy. Elsewhere, we fitted pea green soft furnishings to establish colour continuity. Of course, we made sure to install two power sockets for every desk as well.




And there was yet more office furniture to come, before we could get to work installing the acoustic wall art. This involved everything from break-out furniture and various size storage solutions, including pedestals, to a bespoke boardroom table. Now, not only can UKAR Dempster’s employees sit comfortably on black, high back, ergonomic swivel chairs – but their clients too, since we lined their long wooden conference desk with 14 more.

We’re immensely proud of our efforts and the final result we delivered to the government owned Mortgage Company, UKAR Dempster, the UK’s seventh largest lenders, in just six weeks.


Posted May 24, 2016

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