Ultimate Product Spotlight: SILQ by Steelcase



SILQ chairs in a modern office space

Ultimate Product Spotlight: SILQ by Steelcase

Ultimate are lucky enough to work alongside a whole host of innovative and quality manufacturers of office furniture. We have worked tirelessly to offer our customers what we consider to be the very best names in the furniture procurement industry and as a result have been named Furniture Provider of the Year for 2018 at Mixology North. Amongst our portfolio of contacts and affiliates are Steelcase, renowned manufacturers of superb quality office and lounge furniture.

The revolutionary ‘SILQ’ chair from Steelcase represents a combination of infallible aesthetic design, ergonomic functionality and material innovation in equal measures. The resulting piece of furniture is a unique and individual experience, one that is tailored to you because as you move, so does SILQ.

Steelcase furniture SILQ chair close up

Material breakthrough

Steelcase products embody those qualities we have come to expect from such a well renowned furniture manufacturer, but what sets the SILQ apart from other chairs in the Steelcase range?

“We wanted to create a chair that’s simple, more organism than machine. One that operates intuitively and invites the human body to participate in the experience”

Steelcase attribute their success with the SILQ range to a breakthrough in materials that results in the inherently ergonomic nature of the chair, alongside its aesthetic appeal. By analysing the various qualities of carbon fibre, Steelcase were able to develop a material that embodies those carbon fibre qualities yet enables them to deliver mass production.

SILQ office chair at desk

Reliable design

SILQ balances an organic, contemporary aesthetic with a timeless simplicity that instantly reserved its place as a future classic. The pairing of sleek design and modern materials has kept the overall design a clean and simple canvas, allowing the huge range of material combinations to speak for itself. “It brings aesthetic cohesion, brand expression and beauty to any environment”.

a herd of SILQ chairs from Steelcase, grazing around a boardroom table

Comfort through ergonomics

Developed to respond to the ways you move whilst sat at your desk- the SILQ chair is a chair that supports its user to such a degree that they feel a part of it

“The performance is intuitive. It responds to the natural movement of the human body. The way you move, it moves.”

Its functionality maintains the theme of simplicity that runs through the aesthetic of the chair, having just one manual adjustment for the seat height, as a result of the intuitive design and intelligent use of materials.

In short, the SILQ chair from Steelcase promotes a healthier, more comfortable work environment for your employees, whilst maintaining the contemporary style most offices are looking for. Consider incorporating the SILQ into your next fit out or refurb project to add a touch of style and substance, like this recent project we completed at Kirkstall Forge in Leeds.

Get in touch to find out more about SILQ and the full Steelcase range.

Posted January 15, 2019

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