Ultimate Sense of Smell




At the beginning of June we looked at the role of music in the workplace, and how it has the potential to fulfil a range of important functions for employees. After discovering that listening to music could provide an effective relief from stress and even improve concentration, we couldn’t help but wonder how our sense of smell plays a part in our ever-complex psychological well-being.

When you consider that the spaces we occupy in our lives directly influence who we are and how we behave, it begins to make sense that the spaces we spend the largest amount of time in can be optimised for maximum benefit.

Our sense of smell is arguably one of the most powerful of all. We already know that it is intertwined with the area of the brain that is responsible for memories and much of our emotional activity. That is why if you were to visit the seaside today, the associated smells would be capable of conjuring up memories from decades gone by.

Clothing retailer Hollister has been creating memorable brand experiences through the distinctive and unmistakeable smell of its retail stores for years.

A relatively new frontier, retailers, hotels and restaurants are increasingly exploring this concept, in the hope that the right scent will be able to help attract and retain customers as well as create memorable experiences.

This therefore begs the question, what role can our sense of smell play in the workplace? An article in Apartment Therapy suggests that aromatherapy could easily play a very important part in promoting and improving productivity.

Cinnamon, mint, lemon, orange and rosemary are all said to have the power to boost productivity at work. This idea becomes easier to believe when you consider that we already understand the calming and stress-relieving properties of the household favourite lavender.

While we wouldn’t recommend rushing to light candles all over the office, it is certainly worth sparing a thought for how you might want to incorporate a carefully selected scent in the design of your office.

Posted July 21, 2015

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