Victoria and Albert Museum celebrates British design



A new exhibition opens next week at the Victoria and Albert Museum to celebrate all that’s best in post-war British design. ‘British Design 1948-2012: Innovation in the Modern Age’ to give the exhibition it’s full title, is being held to highlight key moments in the history of British design and how the UK has continued to be at the forefront of design and creativity whilst also leading the way in nurturing new talent.
London hosted the first Olympic Games to be held after the end of World War II and the 1948 ‘Austerity Games’ as they became known, took place at a time when the UK was experiencing extremely difficult economic times in a London which had been hugely effected by bomb damage. Of course the 2012 London Games will be a very different affair; the V&A exhibition is hoping to track the changes that have taken place from 1948-2012 by looking at the buildings, objects and ideas produced by British artists and designers during this period.

British design has changed radically over the past 60 years and one of the major ideas behind the exhibition is to explore the conflict between traditional and modern ideas in design, alongside the way in which Britain has led the field in design creativity and innovation.

We think this exhibition sounds fascinating and it’ll be very interesting to see how the V&A explores developments in British design. We’ve always been very keen to celebrate all that’s best about British design and creativity and the way in which our designers have been at the forefront of design innovation.

Posted April 18, 2012

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