Wallpaper becomes the latest trend in office interiors



Flocked wallpaper used to be an interior design feature most people associated with their granny’s front room but we’ve started to notice a recent trend for wallpaper (flocked included!) to be incoporated into office interiors. Wallpaper has become the trendy wallcovering of choice in homes over recent years but it’s now being used in offices to make a style statement.

It’s not only wallpaper that can be used to great effect on office walls. There are now some really innovative contract wallcoverings on the market made from an incredible variety of materials including felt, wool, fabric, wood, metal and plastic. One of the most unusual we’ve come accross are Rock Stone Mosiac Tiles: stone wall cladding tiles which can be used to create an innovative feature wall, designed to look like the walls of a quarry.

There are now some really innovative contract wallcoverings on the market

A quick and relatively cheap way to give an office a new look, wallpaper and specialist wall claddings can be a great way to breathe new life into a tired space or used as a fantastic way to help create an integrated, corporate look. Stylish, innovative wallcoverings have made their mark on the office interiors scene and are proving a great way to create a high-impact look.

Using wallpaper or a textured wallcovering in an office refurbishment is a great way to add a stylish touch but wallcoverings should be used with caution as there’s definitely a fine line between a professional image and a look that comes across as twee or homely. Bold designs should be limited to one feature wall only to avoid overpowering the room; the rest of the room can be papered or painted in a plain, complementary colour.

Remember to think carefully about your corporate image before splashing out on wallcoverings. By all means use wallpaper in colours that match your company logo but try not to go overboard – there’s nothing worse than overkill! On the otherhand it’s important to avoid colours that clash with your company colours. If you want to go for a really bold design it might be best to restrict it to alcove walls or walls behind shelving.

We love the Millionaire Wall luxury wooden wall panels from Wenge. This really is the ultimate office interior wallcovering, providing any room with a feeling of luxury, opulence and sophistication. The wooden panels can be used to cover an entire wall or placed at intervals to create an intriguing pattern.

Posted April 12, 2012

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