We take a look at the latest trends in restaurant design




Although the end of 2014 seems to be approaching rapidly and autumn is nearly upon us, we thought we’d take the opportunity to look at some of the key restaurant design trends of this year.

Restaurant design seems to be gradually moving away from the ubiquitous industrial chic – you know the sort of thing – industrial lighting, exposed brickwork and reclaimed timber – to a sleeker, more refined look.

The next ‘big thing’ in restaurant design looks likely to be a bold use of colour with interior designers moving away from softer, minimalist shades with cutting edge restaurant interior designs featuring eye-catching, strong geometric shapes and patterns.

Contrasting colours are becoming a feature of fabrics, wall graphics, carpets and floor finishes alongside some more traditional patterns such as checks and ‘hounds tooth’ prints.

In fact global colour specialists Pantone have named ‘Radiant Orchid’ their colour of 2014 and exotic colours such as this are the shape (or shade) of things to come – it looks as though rich shades such as yellow, turquoise and purples could be seen alongside vibrant colours like cobalt or peacock blue.

‘Storytelling’ is another strong and current trend in restaurant design: customers are increasingly interested in the history and values of the restaurant they are eating in and with this in mind, many restaurant designs now feature displays or showcases of memorabilia and pictures to tell the story of the restaurant.

Last and by no means least is the concept of ‘open dining.’  This is an idea which can be seen across restaurants of all price spectrums and is a great way for designers and restaurateurs to adopt a less formal, more approachable dining experience.  Diners now expect to be more involved in the restaurant experience and whilst open-plan kitchens have been around for years, they are increasingly becoming the norm.

Posted September 10, 2014

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