West Yorkshire Pension Fund – Bradford




The West Yorkshire Pension Fund recently approached us, wanting a large open office area, a welcoming new reception, board rooms and break out areas. So we made the short journey from our Yorkshire headquarters, down to Bradford, and stayed for 16 weeks until the comprehensive fit-out was completed.

You’ll find these expert pension advisers nestled in Aldermanbury House, remarkably close to Bradford City Park – this modern office building, with its impressive pillared entrance, enjoyed a comprehensive refurbishment through a £1.5 million scheme a few years ago. But West Yorkshire Pension Fund have a keen eye on the future, and while they will advise you on your pension, they themselves are not showing any signs of slowing down in future.

So what did the project entail?

We installed double glazed offices and meeting rooms, erected new partition walls and retractable folding walls as well. The ceiling was soon completed, while the walls were decked with graphics and digital print wall coverings. And it was no trouble at all for us to fit WYPF’s new fire alarm system and shower room.

Their new fully interactive audio visual system, which will certainly help them to deliver impactful presentations, was also installed without a hitch.

Later, we finished their M&E infrastructure, in order to power their newly-refurbished office and store its valuable data.

All in all, we’re incredibly proud of our work with West Yorkshire Pension Fund. Bradford is noticeably benefiting from wider refurbishment and investment at the minute, so we’re excited to see the town develop to rival Leeds, its big sister.


Posted May 31, 2016

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