We’ve had a lightbulb moment!




Now you may think that a lightbulb is, well, just a lightbulb, however that’s where you’d be wrong!

We love the design of the latest low-energy lightbulb, officially known at the Plumen 002. The design of lightbulbs didn’t really change at all until the Plumen 001 bulb – the world’s first low-energy designer light bulb – was launched back in 2010. Plumen latest designer bulb is just as revolutionary as the 001; the 002 looks great and has a compact design that’s intended for use rooms where a softer, lower light is required.

The design of Plumen’s 002 bulbs is reminiscent of Edison’s iconic original bulb but any similarity is limited as the 002 has a very contemporary, fluid shape. Lightbulb’s aren’t generally known for being stylish but the Plumen 002 could be about to change that.

We’ve had something of a lightbulb moment (sorry!) and think that these bulbs would make the perfect addition to low-level restaurant or bar lighting.

Posted January 22, 2014

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