Wilton Carpets’ Textile Triumphs




Wilton Carpets are one of the trusted brands that we use here at Ultimate during our projects and
fit outs.

When fitting carpet, it’s crucial you get it right. Wilton Carpets have a stunning back-catalogue of projects including one of London’s most famous venues.

Whether you’re looking for a carpet which blends in and compliments your furnishings, an attention-grabbing piece, or even your own design expertly crafted from the finest British yarns, we can connect you to the best. Why not draw inspiration from our pick of some of Wilton Carpets’ textile triumphs?

Vintage motifs fit for the Theatre Royal

The dark timber wood floor in the Theatre Royal’s Grand Saloon sports an elegant rectangular carpet. Such is the talent of Wilton Carpets’ designers, who crafted a bespoke tribute to the venue’s grand heritage during its renovation, using blues, greens, reds and striking gold. Not only does it look the part, but it’s durable enough to survive 405,000 pairs of feet a year too.


Nature inspired designs for The Glendower Hotel

Stay at The Glendower Hotel in Lancashire, and you’ll come across their sprawling wool-rich carpet, covered with intertwined peacock feathers. They used overlay effects to bring the hotel’s designs to life, with accents of royal blue and burgundy.


A striking geometric carpet to mirror a skylight

Wilton Carpets designed an unconventional geometric piece for the Wetherspoons Ilfracombe branch which mirrors the building’s imposing skylight above. The 7m wide, wool-rich circular carpet was made in Wiltshire, and it’s thoroughly modern, thanks to its on-trend herringbone effect. A bold feature like this is perfect for a bar or hotel.


We regularly use Wilton Carpets in our projects and installed their fabulous carpets during our project in Saltaire at Don’t Tell Titus bar and restaurant. You can read more about our refurbishment project in this World Heritage location here. Take a look at our Don’t Tell Titus case study for more images of the Wilton Carpets in all their glory.

Have we got you thinking about the carpet beneath your feet? Let Ultimate find the perfect carpet or flooring for your space.

Posted March 15, 2016

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