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Ultimate guide to moving offices

Moving offices can seem like a daunting undertaking. It doesn’t need to be. The benefits of relocating usually outweigh any upheaval, new premises can offer the chance to improve and upgrade your business environment which can boost morale and productivity.

To help make your office move as stressfree as possible we’ve put together a handy checklist:

Set a moving date and grab your blue prints

The minute the new office is yours, settle on a moving in date. Nominate a project manager to oversee your move, ask to see the blue prints, so you can list every potential issue. Is the kitchen too small? Do you have enough plug sockets? Give yourself as much time as possible to find solutions.

 Inspect your new office and plan your space

The ideal office should have a mix of open-plan areas for collaborative work, and more private areas for independent concentration. But beware. A fully open-plan office can have a negative impact on staff satisfaction. So it’s best to involve your employees and a space planner in this important step of your move – they can help ensure you use every inch of your new office.

A good seating plan can minimise trailing cables, noise and disruption caused by people walking to and fro. Natural light is great for mental well-being, so place desks near windows. Try ensure each desk can access at least three plug sockets. But remember to take a long term view when designing your new office layout – it needs to work as you grow over the next three to five years.

Design a profitable office

Relocating gives you the perfect chance to implement a well-designed office.

  • Settle on a colour scheme

Consider the colours you want to feature in your space and the moods different colours can bring. You can read more about the psychology of colour in one of our previous blogs.

  • Choose fixtures, fittings and storage

If your furniture is looking past its best, or you’re expanding your team, invest in key pieces. Buy ergonomic office chairs in company colours, a welcoming new reception area or bespoke desks, executive furniture and boardroom tables. We can deliver it straight to your new premises – one less thing to pack.

  • Consider your floors and walls

Our carpet tiles are available in muted colours and eye catching designs. We can even weave patterns around furniture. We can supply storage walls, movable and fabric walls too.

Order your new furniture, fixtures and fittings as soon as possible, ready for moving in day.

Find a moving company, pen an inventory and label your boxes

Select a contractor to do the heavy lifting. Beware of hidden charges, such as long carry fees when choosing your moving company. Clean equipment before you pack it, and label every box with its contents and destination in your new office.

Contact your utility providers

Give your energy, water and internet providers an end date at your current premises and a start date at your new office. Set up a postal redirect to send letters to your new office.

Don’t forget your tech

When moving office, one priority is setting up telephone and internet connections in your new space. Analogue phones can take up to ten days to install, and you need time to test equipment before you move in. Before you leave, ensure your digital data is backed up on an off-site data centre and remind your staff to copy their files onto disks before leaving.

Take care of immediate housekeeping

The hard work doesn’t stop once you’ve successfully moved in. Update your business licence and service agreements, health and safety inspection. Allocate car parking spaces, distribute keys or fobs and give your team a guided tour of their new workspace. Don’t forget to print new business cards and letter heads with your new contact details, and update your website and email sign off.

Add some greenery

We blogged about a study which found plants in offices can boost productivity by 15%. Definitely worth investing in some greenery.


Need help with your office move? Here at Ultimate we specialise in office fit outs and complex refurbishments. We supply a range of consultancy services, and we engineer designs for new offices – which are functional, stylish and value for money.

Get in touch to book an appointment to see how we can help with your office move.

Posted March 29, 2016

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