A message from our Directors

As we begin our new financial year, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the peaks and challenges presented during a time unlike anything our business has experienced in its 20 years.

We cannot honour the resilience of Ultimate over the past year without thanking our colleagues, clients and delivery partners for their extraordinary hard work, robust dedication and ongoing support. The pandemic has left no organisation untouched, both on a human and economic level, and we are privileged to be here at the end of a globally uncertain financial year, still with a great team around us.

The overnight shift to homeworking and sites closing with immediate effect was a collective experience we’d never yet met in our lifetimes. Our successful operation throughout these turbulent times is down to our team’s conscious effort to quickly understand and act on rapidly changing legislation. The time taken to develop and implement this guidance enabled us to safely reopen 16 sites once allowed.

After 18 months in the making, October saw the launch of our 16,000 sq ft working showroom, The Hive. Although we couldn’t host our celebration launch as planned, The Hive served an immediate purpose to house our colleagues in a safe and spacious environment during a time they needed it most. Whilst the opportunity to share our physical space was limited, our digital presence strengthened with the exciting addition of our new super-website in November. The inclusion of our Product Library and virtual Matterport tour have aided us during an unpredictable time where in-person meets haven’t been possible.

Our reduced turnover was something we prepared for, so with a good cash reserve and careful cashflow planning, we are grateful to have retained our colleagues during a concerning time for all. A strong order book and positive outlook have placed us in a position to further strengthen our team by new key appointments and well-deserved promotions.

We are incredibly thankful for the fantastic projects we’ve worked on over the past 12 months, including but not limited to Great Annual Savings, Gordon Brown Law, Mott McDonald, EAAA, CEG’s City Gate and our award-winning clients Codemasters, as well as of course our own fantastic HQ.

As we move forward, we are delighted to have more exciting projects in the pipeline, thanks to the collective ongoing effort of our internal and wider teams. Here’s hoping the opportunity for our long overdue catch ups in The Hive are imminent, when safe and comfortable to do so.