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Finance leasing introduces a whole new way of thinking to your project. Perhaps you really want to unlock your businesses potential but are sceptical about a large upfront cost. By financing your project you can give your business the opportunity to grow without crippling cash flow. If you want to find out more, please get in touch. We are here to help.


Bluestone Leasing provide access to the largest range of specialist funders in the UK to ensure your business receives the best commercial terms. Over two thirds of their panel aren’t accessible directly by UK businesses like yours.


They achieve over 90% acceptance rate time and time again. They work with businesses of all shapes and sizes so the chances are that you’ll be accepted for finance.


It’s common to hear businesses complain about how long high street banks tend to take over credit decisions. Bluestone Leasing are different. They work to the same timeframes you do, so you can expect an answer within 48 hours for smaller projects and no more than seven working days for larger projects.


They are genuinely interested in you, your business’ needs and the way it works. They have a proud past of building trusted relationships with our clients and they have often become their go to advisor when it comes to asset finance.


For over 20 years they have specialised in asset finance and the interiors sector in particular. So not only will you be working with finance experts but also a team that fully understands what it takes to deliver a project like yours.


Bluestone Leasing are one of the first finance companies to receive the full Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) accreditation in the UK. Their processes and procedures are fully audited to the most rigorous standards.


With over 25 industry awards in just four years, you can rest assured your project is in the right hands. A quality product, a quality team and a quality delivery of your finance solution