The Hive Video Tour

We are proud to share our video tour of The Hive. As one of the largest commercial interior showrooms in the UK, there’s still so much for you to see! Contact us to arrange your private visit.

Believe Housing Case Study

View our project completion for Believe Housing from a dynamic perspective with our stunning drone footage.

BAUX Acoustic Pulp

Harmless for us and harmless for the environment, BAUX’s patented Acoustic Pulp is the first of its kind.

Nomique Home Working Solution

Nomique’s HomeFit© solution is easily transformed from an anonymous cabinet into a fully functional workstation, electrically adjustable in height.

Bamboo by Frövi

Bamboo boasts environmentally conscious design that offers strength, sustainability, versatility, and a green alternative.

Campers & Dens by Orangebox

Inspired by the familiar setting of campgrounds, Orangebox’s unique collection is designed to deliver varying levels of privacy within our workspaces.

Vepa Hemp Chairs

Vepa’s Hemp range celebrates harvesting the world’s first collection of 100% plant-based, biological, biodegradable and recyclable seat shells, in collaboration with circular economy specialists, Plantics.

ANIMATE by OE Electrics

OE Electrics‘ ANIMATE brings furniture to life, meaning device charging is no longer reliant on a free socket.

Steelcase x Microsoft

Steelcase and Microsoft have partnered since 2017 to explore how a thoughtfully designed ecosystem of places and devices can support creativity.

Bento by Dataflex

Are you working remotely, returning to an agile environment or usually on-the-go? Bento by Dataflex makes even the most impromptu workstations ergonomically-sound and uncluttered.

Great Annual Savings Walkthrough

View our award-nominated project completion for Great Annual Savings’ new HQ! It has completely transformed the workplace experience for GAS colleagues, by offering unrivalled facilities never before seen in the cost-saving sector.

PHMG Walkthrough

We provided the fit-out works and furniture provisions for PHMG’s new Manchester offices and breakout space. Together, we have created a relaxed and inspiring environment, as shown in the video walkthrough!