A sustainable answer to workplace partitioning

Inspired by the circular economy model, the Circle of Life is a sustainable answer to partitioning walls. Released by TablePlaceChairs during this month’s Clerkenwell Design Week Unlocked, their freestanding structure provides a meeting room without walls. And, to facilitate privacy where needed, the framework is adorned in responsibly sourced curtains created from recycled PET plastic.

With the ability to extend, reduce or move the structure to new locations at any time, without interfering with lighting, HVAC or flooring, the design is ideal for the next generation of agile and hybrid workplaces. This also makes it a quicker and more cost-effective solution than traditional office alterations.



By reducing the need for partitions and plasterboard, the Circle of Life helps tackle the reported 60% of landfill consisting of construction waste alone. True to its circular influences, the frame and curtains are 100% recyclable and their end of life.

To find out more about TablePlaceChairs’ new release, contact us here.