BAUX: 100% Bio-Based Acoustic Revolution

BAUX is founded on the belief that building materials should be sustainable, surprisingly functional and remarkably beautiful. Their new release, Acoustic Pulp, is the first of its kind to blend the performance properties of sound absorption with sustainability and modern aesthetics. The patented material is the sum of a two-year trial and error period with a local and like-minded life science laboratory.

Harmless for us and harmless for the environment, their Acoustic Pulp is made from sustainably harvested Swedish fir and pine trees, recycled water, non-GMO wheat bran, potato starch, plant-derived wax, citrus fruit peels and zero chemicals. This means, whilst maintaining durable, fire retardant and water repellent properties, it’s 100% bio-based, 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable.




BAUX are constantly seeking to uncover potential, inspire change and improve working life through acoustic solutions. Aware of the fossil-based material usage in their industry, they are also dedicated to reducing their ecological footprint. Adding paint would have compromised Acoustic Pulp’s environmental credibility so colour is achieved using different percentages of wheat bran. Together with the three origami patterns, there are nine colour-pattern combinations and endless possibilities for mixing, matching and harmonizing with different space designs. The final effect is an organic expression of character and colour, without any chemicals at all.




Their product development began with folding paper until they discovered a series of simple patterns which matched their aesthetic and provided acoustical benefits. Their mission to bridge urban architecture and interior design with nature comes to life in a local factory which runs on 100% hydropower. Fully harmonised with the nature it’s made and inspired from, at the end of its life the product can be fully recycled or simply returned to the earth it came from.

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