ARKKI by Lovi

The ARKKI by Lovi brand consists of flat-packed, 3D figures made from high-quality and eco-friendly Finnish birch plywood. Their product line includes sound-absorbing trees, acoustic ceiling elements and wall art as well as customisable lamp shades. Easy to deliver and easier to assemble, their unique pieces are suitable for public spaces from hotel lobbies to schools, cafés and restaurants and from offices to concert halls.

The ARKKI brand offers a collection of unique, sustainable and Nordic wooden creations from the forests of Finland.

Only wood from certified forests in Finland is used in their patented Lovi Trees and Spruce Trees. PEFC certified forests are re-planted after felling and additionally, well-managed northern forests grow at a rate faster than that of the felling. Their acoustic trees not only make a visual statement but also absorb unwanted noise, improving the soundscape of their environment.

Proving that acoustic elements can be fun, their flying and gliding Acoustic Seagulls offer an eye-catching addition to any space and are made from up sustainable PET felt. Biophilic by nature and design, their catalogue of unique pieces are available in a wealth of colours, including custom colours where possible.




  • Acoustics