Vantage Spaces

Vantage Spaces are experts in biophilic design, and their aim is to enhance your workspace by creating a happier and healthier environment for staff, clients and visitors. Research shows that bringing the outdoors in can positively influence both our physical and psychological health. Greenery improves air quality and acoustics, stimulates creativity and productivity, and reduces absenteeism and stress. Whether you’re working on a new or existing space, Vantage can provide a detailed insight into the benefits their plants and green walls have from a decorative, practical and functional perspective.

Vantage Spaces offer a completely bespoke biophilic design service, helping create connections to nature and making your space somewhere people can thrive.

Their living walls can breathe life into your design whilst regulating temperatures, blocking high-frequency sounds and absorbing acoustic energy. Their moss walls require little maintenance and give otherwise vacant wall space dimension and texture. For architects and designers looking for the coveted WELL certification, green walls offer an incredibly simple method of integrating greenery within working spaces, using minimal floor space.

While Vantage traditionally offer UK grown living plants, their realistic and vibrant artificial plants are just as consistent with biophilic design. Although replica plants can’t filter the air like living ones, they are hypoallergenic and offer an infinitely creative solution without logistical concerns. With their stunning range of replica plants, you can turn your office into a luxury, maintenance-free oasis.




  • Living Plants
  • Replica Plants
  • Green Walls
  • Moss Walls

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