believe housing

Following a successful tendering process, Ultimate were instructed to review the workflow processes and accommodation of Believe Housing.

The aim, to support future ways of working and break down the barriers between departments. Currently based in 5 locations, Believe Housing had agreed terms on 35,000 sq.ft of prime office space at Spectrum Business Park and renewed their lease at South Church Enterprise Park, Bishop Auckland (11,000sq.ft).

We looked at a variety of options when we were reviewing our office accommodation. It is not just about reviewing the space we use though, it’s about new ways of working. We depend predominantly on our people and we’re providing them with the tools they need to do their job regardless of physical location. These changes are designed to help our employees be in the right place at the right time to provide the high-quality services our tenants depend on.

Chief Executive, Bill Fullen

Once the workplace consultancy had been completed, Ultimate evaluated the findings and designed a dynamic space that connects people with colleagues, their work, and their organisation. Believe Housing realised that the transformation from typical bench desk structures to destinations for connection, collaboration, focus and innovation could support the future of the organisation whilst at the same time reducing their commercial property costs.



46,000 sq ft



Spectrum Business Park and Bishop Auckland