Rotterdam House

Our project saw us refurbish elements of the reception area of Rotterdam House, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. By keeping certain features alongside introducing new elements, we have created a fresh and modern update to the entrance. The entrance area prior to the commencement of our works consisted of a lot of hard and cold surfaces such as marble walls and floors with simply a feature red painted wall, housing several black and white prints.

To enhance and warm the space but also to visually balance against the marble walls, the red wallpaper and prints were replaced with bespoke vertical timber slats sweeping towards the lifts which is complimented with new feature wall lights. A metal clad column received the same treatment as the main wall with timber slat cladding. Within the recess of the plaster finish ceiling, a feature wall covering has been introduced to add some colour and break up the large white surface.

To the floor area, new barrier matting has been installed and a feature circular rug brings definition and an area with new lounge furniture for visitors to wait or tenants to meet. Whilst we didn’t touch the very expensive wall surfaces, we toned down the marble with the introduction of a new rear illuminated tenants board in a matching timber finish. The tenant’s names are now clearly displayed and create an impressive focal point.

The final touch was taking off the glass shelf on the existing reception desks and replacing with timber to tie in with the feature walls.