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Creating an appealing space, that’s well equipped with the necessary facilities is central not only to the satisfaction of current students, but for attracting potential students to a college or university. With over a decade of experience providing great design and practicality to a range of different educational bodies, we know exactly what’s required to get the most out of your space.

As well as more traditional educational spaces, such as classrooms, libraries and social spaces, we’re also well adapted to more specific challenges, having worked on spaces for colleges in performing arts, trade workshops and hospitality and catering. Whatever the focus of your organisation, to be able to offer the best possible educational service, a well equipped and pleasant space is vital.

We work with leading international brands

Because of this, we work only with trusted brands with international reputations for delivering excellent products and services. With innovative solutions which reflect the changing use of space, as well as reflecting the ever shifting technological picture, the companies we work along side are able to offer excellent solutions for all the needs of your college space both educational and lounge furniture. From taps and kitchen fittings, through to shared study space pods, acoustic flooring and ceiling products, our range is comprehensive and put together with the needs of modern educational establishments at its heart.

We work with names such as Nomique, Sedus and Knoll amongst many other internationally recognised leaders in professional furniture to bring you superbly built, elegantly designed seating that also comfortable and ergonomically designed for use by students and college staff alike. With long periods of sitting required during study, these professional chairs have been created to offer support and balance, as well as inventive research led features which encourage subtle movement and shifts in position to improve the well being of the user, even after extended periods of sitting. Our team is on top of all the latest developments in ergonomic and comfort innovation, and can advise as to the finest products on the market to introduce to your college.

college fit out

Acoustical Solutions

A particular factor for consideration for spaces within buildings for educational purposes, is the control of ambient noise. With lower background noise levels tied to improved concentration and performance, tools which can assist in bringing this level down can make a big difference to those who use facilities. We supply solutions for ceiling and wall fittings from market leaders, Armstrong. These have superb, proven acoustic advantages. This is also the case for many of the flooring and carpeting specialists we work with, such as Wilton Carpets and Desso and for glass partition specialists EGI amongst many other brands.

We also have great relationships with companies such as Spacestor, who are innovative designers with a close eye on the changing faces and functions of modern working spaces, be they educational or professional. This has driven the development of a string of inspired seating and partitioning solutions for working spaces, including great looking pods which aid in dividing space into functional units even in large open plan areas. The modern and attractive design of these products, along with the inventive problem solving they offer make these a particularly appealing feature of a space, popular with young professionals and students.

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If you’d like to discover more about any of the brands we work along side, then simply get in touch with one of our team today and find out more about the state of the art products we can supply and the services we offer. For some working examples of the kind of work we’ve previously been involved in, why not have a look at the case studies section on our website to see why we’re so proud of our track record.