How to safely power an agile workspace

OE Electrics have a highly respected reputation in the commercial office soft wiring and cable management industry, providing cost effective and innovative ‘solutions by design’. Their newest release brings furniture to life, meaning device charging is no longer reliant on a free socket.

In agile workspaces, which often see an ecosystem of resident and nomad workers as well as visitors, flexible access to necessary power is paramount. ANIMATE is a complete electrical architecture of reconfigurable click-and-connect modules based on high-capacity battery technology, which bend and flex to the needs of the user.



The core of the range is the QIKPAC 242 – a 9.6Ah DC battery that can either be charged in situ or removed and charged separately. This means desks, chairs and tables with integrated electrics can be unplugged and reconnected, without the need for an electrician. The option to charge overnight reduces energy consumption and can save approximately £75 annually, per device, compared to charging through the day.

Whether for a singular piece of a furniture or an entire building, ANIMATE was designed with scalability in mind. With just two elements from the range – the QIKPAC and the QF TUF USB Charger – you can incorporate fast, high power charging into something as diminutive and portable as a pouffe. Alternatively, it can enhance fixed booths with integrated phone and laptop charging without the risk of trailing cables.


To find out more about the ANIMATE system, contact Ultimate to discuss.