Product Spotlight: Liberty Ocean by Humanscale

From Ocean to Office

Discarded fishing nets are widely regarded as the most harmful type of ocean plastic as they can “ghost fish” for years, damaging delicate ecosystems and the marine animals that inhabit them. To combat this problem and build upon their commitment to creating a Net Positive impact on the Earth, Humanscale has expanded its Ocean seating line with Liberty.



Like its predecessor, the Smart Ocean, Liberty Ocean helps clean up our oceans with each chair using almost 0.9 kg (2 lbs.) of reclaimed fishing net material. Adhering to their core design philosophies, Liberty Ocean features the same Form-Sensing Mesh Technology and seamless functionality as all Humanscale task chairs. The chair instantly adjusts to each unique user to provide the perfect support in every position without knobs, locks, or levers.



As a global company, their approach focuses not only on minimising their negative impacts but working to produce significant positive contributions. This means taking a close look at what they make and how they make it. It means finding ways to go beyond reducing their consumption—to give back, replenish, and continue making a positive environmental and social impact on the world.

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