How safe is your home working set-up?

In recent months, thousands were mandated to work from home overnight so it’s unsurprising not everyone has had the opportunity to ensure their workstations are free from electrical hazards. In research conducted by Electrical Safety First, 1 in 3 of those working from home were found to be unaware of the risks of overloading plug sockets and 44% admitted to ‘daisy-chaining’ extension leads together.

Office Electrics have recently published guidance on how to comply with British electrical standards in the home. BS6396 is a benchmark in the commercial electrical world that is followed by manufacturers, contractors and specifiers in the industry. Providing employees with BS6396 compliant electrical equipment helps keep them safe to a traditional office standard.

To avoid this being a complex process, OE Electrics’ have collated Working From Home Kit’s as cost-effective but safety ensured solutions. These provide plenty of sockets and the latest USB charging options for the various devices newly brought into the home environment. The packages range from ‘bronze’ to ‘designer’ price levels to meet the requirements of many.

UK designed and manufactured to a commercial grade, their electrical units allow a safe distribution of power from 13A wall sockets to your home working desk or table. All of their units have individually fused sockets and allow for BS6396 compliant installation. In the event of a blown fuse, the fuse can be easily replaced without the need for an electrician or specialist tools.




Each package contains their innovative, modular QikFit device which provides power, USB charging and data connectivity. These come complete with a resettable thermal overload so the fuse can be reset at the touch of a button. To further comply with fire safety, each package also contains their QikTray and Pathfinder cable management systems to help prevent risk of sparking.

To find out more about OE Electric’s homeworking kits, please contact Ultimate to discuss.